Dedicate + Devote 10 minutes for 10 days

to simply BE with yourself. 

These 10 Days of Mindful Meditation begin May 3rd and end May 12th, 2021. Each day, a fresh guided meditation will be ready for you that will vary from rest meditations to movement meditations, all intended to create space within and invite a pause into your day. Come to sit on your mat, in a chair, at your desk or a quiet corner to reconnect to you. Notice the shifts within you when you clear out the mental clutter, find your breath and some stillness in your busy day -

you'll thank yourself later.

**Dedicated + Devoted is FREE for those currently

signed up with my online yoga program memberships.  



10 Mindful Days of Meditation

10 Days to Dedicate and Devote to you:)

These mindful meditations are an opportunity to invite mindfulness into your life. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit with yourself will touch every part of your life. Whether you are new to meditation or not, I invite you to join me on this journey starting May 3rd.

**this is free for monthly members**